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Most important skills for a Scrum Master

Scrum Master is one of the three core roles in Scrum, and Scrum is becoming a very popular framework for agile software development. But what do Scrum Masters need to be able to do? This article will go over the most important skills for a Scrum Master. So you can find out more about the […]

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Can a business analyst be a Scrum Master?

Scrum has become a widely used framework for software development. Scrum Master is one of the core roles in Scrum (along with Developer and Product Owner). Sometimes people with an existing responsibility take on one of those roles. And it’s quite common that a business analyst is one of those. This article will consider the […]

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Why does Scrum use Fibonacci numbers?

If you’ve come across Scrum, you’ve probably seen Fibonacci numbers. They are very popular and widely used in Scrum circles. And in other agile frameworks also. If you’re wondering why does Scrum use Fibonacci numbers, this article will explain why. The answer might surprise you! So let’s get right into it. What are Fibonacci numbers […]

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Should a Scrum Master participate in the Retrospective?

A common question that teams new to Scrum ask is who should be at the Sprint retrospective. This even is one of the five critical events in Scrum. So you need to do it right and have the correct people there. This article will thus answer the important question of should a Scrum master participate […]

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Three Areas Where Your Start-up Could Consider Outsourcing

(This is a contributed post) The startup sector can be fiercely competitive, which implies that any company should concentrate solely on its core business operations. However, cash and personnel are restricted in the early phases of a business. This can impede a company’s ability to grow. Many entrepreneurs wear far too many hats and struggle […]

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Best free Scrum tools

Scrum is a very popular agile software development framework. And rightly so – it is simple, flexible and powerful. And helps team self-organise to build innovative products. While managing risk and coping with uncertainty. But what about good project management tools? There are a lot of great free tools out there for helping coordinate the […]

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What is the most important Scrum event?

Scrum is a popular framework for agile software development. It is well known for its events, such as the Daily Scrum or Sprint Planning. If you’re wondering what is the most important Scrum event, this article will go into that very topic. The answer isn’t very straightforward, but the discussion is valuable. So let’s find […]

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What You Need To Know About VoIP Phone Systems: Find Everything Here

According to industry professionals, it would be an understatement to say that VoIP phone systems have changed the face of business communication. With the dramatic advancements witnessed in the technological sector, business owners are now turning towards VoIP phone systems by cutting the cord with traditional phone systems. And of the prominent reasons why entrepreneurs […]

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How to convert a Kanban board to a Scrum board in Jira

If you are using Jira, you have probably come across Kanban boards and scrum boards. They are the two main ways of viewing issues. Sometimes you might want to switch from one board type to another. This article will explain what is involved. It’s not really possible but there are pretty good workarounds. Board types […]

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8 Benefits Of Becoming A Franchisee

(This is a contributed post) Running a business is a hard journey but one that can be very rewarding. At the start, you’ll often find yourself working long hours, but once you are up and running, these hours slowly reduce. When deciding to start up your own business, why not make the journey that little […]

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