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Could Saving The Planet Also Save Your Business Money?

(This is a contributed post) There’s no greater threat facing our planet currently than that of the environment and the march of climate change, so it’s little wonder it’s having a huge effect on the practise of business in almost every single industry. From increased legislative pressure from international governments to the large role of […]

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Why DevOps Is Broken

devops toolchain

Like most management ideologies, DevOps is stuck in its ways and resistant to change. While traditional strategies might have worked perfectly well in the past, today’s software development landscape is radically different from where it was twenty years ago, and we desperately need new management paradigms. The problem with DevOps is mostly one of culture. […]

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Why You Need to Get Comfortable with Collaboration and Delegation If You Want Your Business to Thrive

(This is a contributed post) Entrepreneurs are well known to be workaholics, as a general rule. While it’s obviously important to maintain a decent work-life balance, it just kind of goes with the territory that those who want to be successful in running their own businesses, typically have to work very hard to do so. […]

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How Could Your Company Better Compete With The Top Players?

(This is a contributed post) The business world is all about competition. You can never put up your feet and rest when you’re at the helm of a company; you need to constantly find ways to expand your business and improve its services. Otherwise, you’ll end up being overtaken by one or more of your […]

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The Best Tips For Health And Safety In The Workplace

(This is a contributed post) It’s crucial in any business that employers ensure safe working environments, and that employees carry out safe working practices. Danger is present every day, but can easily be avoided by carrying out the following precautionary measures. Use Heavy Machinery With Caution As an employer, it’s your responsibility to provide the […]

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Cycle time and lead time

What are cycle time and lead time? Cycle time and Lead time are important concepts from Kanban and Lean Manufacturing. People often use them as metrics in Agile Software Development, however. And they can provide important insights into how your teams are operating. Cycle and Lead Time are measurements that describe how work is flowing into […]

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The walls are glass, but you can’t come in

glass house

Sometimes teams have good times, sometimes they have bad times. Sometimes things go well, sometimes they don’t. No matter how bad things get, it is important that they be transparent, always. The walls around the team are made of glass: information flows freely in and out. But we need to make sure that while they […]

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It’s all about the flow

flow lean

So it’s not really about the tools and processes. Right? Sure – it’s about people and interactions. Well, that sounds nice, but it’s not always helpful. What sort of people? What sort of interactions? There is something deep-running underneath all the talk and principles and concepts in Agile, Scrum, Lean, and all the rest. Sometimes […]

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Getting The Right Attention! Hosting A Great Business Event For Clients And Customers Alike

(This is a contributed post) When you’re looking to get your business noticed on a global scale, you’ve got to cover the immediate bases. When it comes to getting the right sort of attention when it comes to clients or customers, you’ve got to host an event that builds up the business and the brand. […]

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How to Approach Challenges in Your Management Career

(This is a contributed post) You’re undoubtedly going to run into a lot of challenge in your management career and that’s something that everyone has to accept. There are things that go wrong and mistakes that get made because it’s such a trick job to do well. And if you really want to succeed as […]

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