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Why technical user stories are bad

You might sometimes come across “technical user stories” when doing agile software development. These are generally a bad idea and should be avoided where possible. This article will explain what technical user stories are, and why technical user stories are bad. It will also cover the rare situations when you need to use them. What […]

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The strengths of Scrum

scrum agile strengths

OK so you might think after the last post, that I’m against Scrum and I think it’s worthless. Not true at all. I use it a lot and have a lot of respect for it. There are definitely some strengths of scrum for software development. I just think it’s worth being aware of its weaknesses. To […]

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The problems with Scrum

scrum agile problems

You might be wondering why everyone talks about Scrum so much. Often when I write about Agile on this blog, I’m pretty much talking about Scrum. It is the most widely used and known methodology for Agile software development in the world. Remember, Agile is not a methodology, it is a set of values and principles. […]

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Agile is technology agnostic

agile technology agnostic

Have you wondered what type of languages or technologies you should use when doing Agile software development? This article will help clear that up. The answer is a lot simpler than you might think! It turns out that in fact, agile is technology agnostic. What language / design approach is best for agile? I’ve seen some […]

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Deploy is not the same as release

software deploy

A lot of people think it’s risky to deploy software. Some of these people lose sleep over deploying software. A lot of people have jobs based around deploying software, and for them others they work with, it is a big deal. It involves a lot of something people call “technical risk management”. That’s just a […]

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When to use Agile vs Waterfall

waterfall agile

If you read this blog, you probably think that I really love Agile, and really hate Waterfall. Well, that’s not true. I think Agile (when done well, which it often isn’t) is a good methodology for some contexts. More specifically, agile is a good methodology for building software under conditions of uncertainty. If you are not […]

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Uncertainty of benefits versus costs

benefits vs costs

I think a lot about estimation. I used to do a lot of estimation with my teams. When the organisation I’m currently working for started doing agile, we did loads of estimation. We were constantly being asked for estimates. High-level estimates, low-level estimates, feature level estimates, story level estimates. We would spend a lot of […]

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The difference between Agile and DevOps

agile devops

DevOps is one of the hot topics at the moment, and is well on its way up the hype cycle curve. Some are even saying it replaces agile, thus spelling the end of agile software development. That isn’t true, though if you’re interested in agile, you should start learning about DevOps. Why? Because although it […]

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Myths of agile: “Agile is dead”

agile software development dead

This is the last of the agile myths I’ll be covering, and it is the most controversial. There have been many articles published, for quite some time, claiming that agile is dead. I think these articles are actually claiming different things. Some of those things are right, but many of them are wrong, and many […]

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Myths of agile: “Agile is just micromanagement”

I’ve seen quite a few “Agile sucks” and “Agile is dead” posts making the rounds lately. They get trotted out every year or so and spark some lively but uninteresting debate. Most of these are just clickbait and are not worth discussing. But some are sadder and tell depressing stories of “agile” projects dominated by micro-management, that […]

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