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Why It’s YOUR Fault When Employees Waste Time

(This is a contributed post) Most employees will waste some time during the working day, but how much could be down to how you treat them, as their boss. Productivity is More Important Some managers put the fact employees are present before productivity.  This means that when companies count the number of hours people work, […]

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How to organize your home routine

How to organize your home routine Most of us just do something when we’re organizing our routines. We pick things in the order they occur to us or in what appeals to us. For some people that works well as different things appeal to them at other points of the day and so they actually […]

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Stop Wasting Money- It’s Time to Get Your Business Finances Under Control!

(This is a contributed post) Making money is the main aim when it comes to business. You might have started your venture for reasons other than money, such as having flexibility and job satisfaction, but unless your company makes a profit then it’s not a success. For this reason, we have to be extremely vigilant […]

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Does Your Shop Front Fit Your Brand?

(This is a contributed post) When it comes to building and showing off your brand, there’s going to be a lot of footwork you’ll need to get in first. You need to know who you are, what you’re selling, and what kind of message you want to put out there – it all counts towards […]

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It’s all about the flow

flow lean

So it’s not really about the tools and processes. Right? Sure – it’s about people and interactions. Well, that sounds nice, but it’s not always helpful. What sort of people? What sort of interactions? There is something deep-running underneath all the talk and principles and concepts in Agile, Scrum, Lean, and all the rest. Sometimes […]

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Estimating defects in Agile is an anti-pattern

There is a lot of discussion in the Agile community about estimating defects. A lot of people seem to think you need to estimate defects. There are lots of people arguing about how to estimate defects. This article will show you why you shouldn’t estimate defects. Estimating and assigning story points to defects is an […]

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Are agile and Scrum the same?

agile scrum

Some people often wonder: are agile and scrum the same? There’s a lot of confusion out there. I saw a thread on Stack Overflow on this topic that was full of complete nonsense. So I thought I would clear things up. Short version: agile and Scrum are NOT the same. Now I’ll get into what […]

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Testing is not a phase

testing waterfall phase

Every time someone talks about a testing “phase”, a little part of me dies. The worst example I saw recently was a post on an agile group asking “how many days should we allow for testing? If something takes 10 days for development, should we allow 10 days for testing? Or maybe 15?”. I’m not […]

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Agile vs Waterfall

royce waterfall development

It’s time to settle the long-running debate of the best way to develop software; Agile vs Waterfall. I’m going to describe and compare the two approaches, discuss their pros and cons, and determine a winner. What are Agile and Waterfall? These words generally refer to two very different approaches to organising, planning and executing software […]

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The history and future of management

Taylor agile management theory

Many organisations today are run according to management principles which are 50 to 100 years old. These methods are not appropriate to the fluid and fast-paced world we live in, but many organisations are struggling to change. In this article, I will talk about the history and future of management theory, so we can understand […]

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