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Agile sprint vs iteration

People talk a lot about “sprints” and “iterations” in an agile context. You might have heard those terms a bunch. If you’re not sure is the meaning of sprint or iteration, this article will clear it up. So you’ll know what it means in agile when people talk about a sprint vs an iteration. Let’s […]

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Agile Story vs Task: how to use them

If you are doing agile software development, you’d have heard of stories and tasks. There is some confusion about these entities, though. What the difference between them is, when to use which. And how they fit into frameworks like Scrum. Or tools like Jira. This article will clear all of that up. So you’ll know […]

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An introduction to Systems Thinking

systems thinking

Systems Thinking is becoming one of the hottest topics in Lean and Agile software development. This despite the fact that it is over 50 years old. This article will give you a quick introduction to Systems Thinking. And give you some tips on how to apply it. Not matter what sort of context you are […]

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Azure DevOps: Agile vs Scrum

Azure DevOps (also known as AzDo) has moved in leaps and bounds. It is has become one of the most popular tools for managing software dev activities. It is cloud-based, and integrates with DevOps pipelines, supports end-to-end workflows, and has a great user interface. Some people are confused about the different modes it operates in, […]

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How to be Scrum Master certified

Scrum Master is one of the most dynamic, quickly growing and exciting jobs in the world at the moment. I have worked as a Scrum Master and it is a job that I really loved and recommend. This article will explain how you can be Scrum Master certified. Including the ways that you should do, […]

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How to use Scrum

Scrum is the most popular and influential framework for agile software development. It has been around for decades, is used all over the world, and is changing how people work. This article will give you a quick guide on how to use Scrum to maximise the value of your product development work. Brief history of […]

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The world of Scrum is consists of two camps: and Scrum Alliance. These are the main organizations for defining, training and certifying Scrum. Which is the most popular framework in agile software development. This article will explain what the main differences between them are. And which one I think you should choose for your […]

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Why agile is winning

In the arena of software development, agile seems to be taking over the world. Research from 2020 showed that 71% of companies are doing (or trying to do) agile! The opposing Waterfall approach seems to be going the way of the dinosaur, i.e. going extinct. This article will explain why agile is winning, and what […]

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Scrum Master vs agile coach

If you have had any experience with agile, then you have probably heard of or met a Scrum Master or an agile coach. You may have one on your team or be about to work with one. If you are wondering what is the difference between a Scrum Master and an agile coach, this article […]

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What do all agile frameworks have in common?

Agile software is becoming more and more common in today’s world, as organizations realise that it offers better ways to build teams and discover valuable products. However, the agile manifesto doesn’t explain much about how to put its values and principles into action. There are a number of agile frameworks available that do that. This […]

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