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The Steps to a Successful Side Hustle

(This is a contributed post) If you’ve always wanted to work from home, but have held yourself back until now because you’ve been confused by all the options or perhaps fearful to take the plunge, this article is here to offer some easy steps to make your side hustle a success. STEP ONE: DECIDE WHAT […]

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It’s not about the tools and processes…

tools and processes

I’ve been reading Quora lately, and despairing. Nearly every question about Agile there is in this format: “What tool is the best for doing {X} in Agile?”. This is disappointing. What happened to the Agile Manifesto? That bit where it says “People and interactions over processes and tools”? People seem to have forgotten the lesson – […]

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Fun Ways You Can Make More Of A Business Event

When it comes to business, you can often be wondering what ways you can make your brand more well known. You might think about social media, and ensuring you advertise your brand as often as possible. You may even think about your logo design and the things you want to do within your business, however, a […]

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Keep Up Momentum: The Importance Of Your Office Environment

(This is a contributed post) Whether you own an internet-based company, or are in charge of a warehouse; running a business of any size is a challenge for today’s entrepreneur. There are few things more important than your team around you, as they are the ones working hard to drive your business towards success and […]

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The Secret To Giving The Perfect Business Presentation

(This is a contributed post) Business presentations are the perfect way to convey ideas to colleagues; whether you’re trying to start a new project or you’re a business owner trying to find the capital to expand you need to be able to give a proper presentation. While you might think that giving a great presentation […]

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Agile Metrics: the Ultimate Guide

agile metrics ultimate guide

This guide has everything you need to know about agile metrics. So if you want to understand all the different metrics you can measure and how to use them, you’re in the right place. It will cover every possible metrics you would possibly want to use, and tell you what they mean, when you should […]

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Standing Out Online Is Your Salvation

(This is a contributed post) The high street is dead. Long live the internet. Okay, so we may not be there quite yet, but that is the way the world is going and, before long, our town centres will be made up of nothing more than charity shops, thrift stores and places you can go […]

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5 Tips to interviewing for a Javascript job

The concept of web development has been evolving over the years. The number of software developers has increased. They strive to secure jobs with the best in the industry. JavaScript is among the core technologies that are used in web development. A job interview in this field requires adequate knowledge and can prove difficult for […]

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Software development is a design activity

software dev design activity

Software development is not a manufacturing activity Despite what a lot of people believe, software development is not a manufacturing activity. That is, it is not a process that takes some inputs (money and ideas, people, time, source code, compilers) and then manufactures some outputs (software; APIs, DLLs, database schemas). We have spent too long pretending it […]

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Four Management theories SMEs should understand

(This is a contributed post) Coming up with an idea is a piece of cake, as is putting it into practice. Hell, finding funding isn’t tricky any longer thanks to market saturation. The hardest thing by far is to be a manager. If only people saw things the way you did, there would be no […]

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