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It’s not about the tools and processes…

tools and processes

I’ve been reading Quora lately, and despairing. Nearly every question about Agile there is in this format: “What tool is the best for doing {X} in Agile?”. This is disappointing. What happened to the Agile Manifesto? That bit where it says “People and interactions over processes and tools”? People seem to have forgotten the lesson – […]

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Fun Ways You Can Make More Of A Business Event

When it comes to business, you can often be wondering what ways you can make your brand more well known. You might think about social media, and ensuring you advertise your brand as often as possible. You may even think about your logo design and the things you want to do within your business, however, a […]

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Agile Metrics: the Ultimate Guide

agile metrics ultimate guide

This guide has everything you need to know about agile metrics. So if you want to understand all the different metrics you can measure and how to use them, you’re in the right place. It will cover every possible metrics you would possibly want to use, and tell you what they mean, when you should […]

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Software development is a design activity

software dev design activity

Software development is not a manufacturing activity Despite what a lot of people believe, software development is not a manufacturing activity. That is, it is not a process that takes some inputs (money and ideas, people, time, source code, compilers) and then manufactures some outputs (software; APIs, DLLs, database schemas). We have spent too long pretending it […]

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Agile is not just about software

agile not just software delivery

We all know the stories about agile failures. About things like Flaccid Scrum, Cargo Cult Agile, and all the others. We all hear the tales of micromanaging PMP-certificate wielding “scrum-masters”, absentee-landlord product owners, and merciless stakeholders. What’s gone wrong? A few things. But mainly, organisations are signing up to Agile for the wrong reasons, and they’re […]

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Release Your Grip: Are You Holding Your Business Back?

(This is a contributed post) As you spent time growing and expanding your company, it became bigger than you ever expected. This is a great thing, but that small, personal touch that you were able to give to your business before is now going to get lost. As a result, any entrepreneur can feel like […]

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Retros are not continuous improvement

retros are not continuous improvement

Retrospectives are one of the hallowed traditions of Agile software development. They are mentioned specifically as one of the twelve principles in the Agile Manifesto. They are one of only four regular activities prescribed in the Scrum guide. Extreme Programming says you must “fix XP when it breaks” (and talks a bit about retrospectives in that […]

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Technical debt – or technical bankruptcy?

technical debt bankruptcy

It’s time we admit we have a problem with technical debt. Everyone knows what it is, everyone is talking about, but not enough is being done about it. Time and again I have seen teams and systems end up swamped in technical debt. Swimming and eventually drowning in the stuff. Until entire projects have to […]

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The Lean wisdom at the heart of Agile

I had a discussion a little while ago with someone about what Agile is fundamentally about. The true, inner core of it. I gave some rambling and clumsy explanation. He gave a much better one: “Embracing change, and efficient collaboration”. This seemed fine at the time, but something started bugging me about it. It seemed […]

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Agile managers – what do they do?

agile managers project management

People might be wondering what managers do in an Agile organisation. You might wonder if they are still needed. Agile managers aren’t measuring or forecasting anymore, because your teams should do their own measuring and forecasting. They don’t micro-manage people’s work anymore because teams are empowered to work how they want. So if we still […]

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