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The Top 5 Benefits to Renting an Office in London

An office space should mirror your business. Therefore, choosing the right space for your business is essential. However, this process can be challenging to most entrepreneurs. When your customer sees your office, they should be able to see a professional reflection of your business. Before renting any space, it is important to remember that what […]

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The Things Every Online Store Owner Needs

  (This is a contributed post) If you’ve decided to run your store online as opposed to in a bricks and mortar location, you have endless opportunities to build business and find new customers because you are, after all, operating on the world wide web. However, your success is not guaranteed and there are numerous […]

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The Pros and Cons of Hiring an Independent Contractor

(This is a contributed post) Over the past decade, the way that we work has completely changed. Being able to work flexibly or working remotely has changed a traditional workplace for many people. Many more people work from home a couple of days a week, or even run their own business from home. This can […]

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Agile is not just about software

agile not just software delivery

We all know the stories about agile failures. About things like Flaccid Scrum, Cargo Cult Agile, and all the others. We all hear the tales of micromanaging PMP-certificate wielding “scrum-masters”, absentee-landlord product owners, and merciless stakeholders. What’s gone wrong? A few things. But mainly, organisations are signing up to Agile for the wrong reasons, and they’re […]

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Retros are not continuous improvement

retros are not continuous improvement

Retrospectives are one of the hallowed traditions of Agile software development. They are mentioned specifically as one of the twelve principles in the Agile Manifesto. They are one of only four regular activities prescribed in the Scrum guide. Extreme Programming says you must “fix XP when it breaks” (and talks a bit about retrospectives in that […]

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5 Tips to choosing a logic analyzer

A logic analyzer is useful in digital signals monitoring. It is also effective in debugging various applications. Using a logic analyzer usb gives you the option to connect to various devices. You may connect through the USB port and access digital data, or debug embedded apps using the logic analyzer. It is important to choose […]

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Your Reputation Is In The Details

(This is a contributed post) How do people perceive your company? It’s the eternal question that all business owners ask but rarely get an honest answer to. Does your company have a positive reputation? It’s fair to say that even brands that provide quality services and products can’t always maintain their reputations. While this doesn’t […]

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Building Value Into Your Brand

(This is a contributed post) When starting a business, it can be hard to gauge how your business, or rather your brand is perceived by your target market. Not least because your business is your baby. Like any proud parent, you have a massive emotional investment in your enterprise and despite your best intentions this […]

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4 Reasons to choose a lifetime mortgage

What is a lifetime mortgage and how does it work? There are people who have thought about this option when it comes to using their homes to secure some loans. Well, a lifetime mortgage is a kind of a loan that is taken against your home. It means that your home will be the security […]

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Technical debt – or technical bankruptcy?

technical debt bankruptcy

It’s time we admit we have a problem with technical debt. Everyone knows what it is, everyone is talking about, but not enough is being done about it. Time and again I have seen teams and systems end up swamped in technical debt. Swimming and eventually drowning in the stuff. Until entire projects have to […]

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