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Is Your Home Business Ready for Growth?

(This is a contributed post) Well, you did it! They all said you couldn’t. Even you had your doubts at times, but you rose to the challenge. It wasn’t easy. You had to endure a lot of lost sleep, you sacrificed a lot of your free time and yes you even needed to put your […]

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10 Magic Motivation Methods For Your Excelling Employees

(This is a contributed post) Your employees do so much for your business; they are dedicated, hardworking and motivated, but sometimes they need that little extra boost to get them through the day. If you are looking for ways to boost productivity then there are a handful of methods you could implement into the day […]

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Managing Green Strategies Without Business Disruptions

(This is a contributed post) As a business owner in 2019,  you can’t afford to ignore how your company affects the ecosystem. Non only is it become increasingly popular to establish green policies in companies, but companies that fail to put the environment on their to-do list risk facing the backlash of their audience and […]

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Important Investments For Peak Productivity

All SMEs face a common threat. A threat that, if left unchecked, can irrevocably tarnish their reputation, alienate their customer base and disenfranchise their workforce. It can cost a small fortune in lost revenue and even more in clawing said revenue back. It can stymie their cash flow, impinge on their bottom line and even […]

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Uncertainty of benefits versus costs

benefits vs costs

I think a lot about estimation. I used to do a lot of estimation with my teams. When the organisation I’m currently working for started doing agile, we did loads of estimation. We were constantly being asked for estimates. High-level estimates, low-level estimates, feature level estimates, story level estimates. We would spend a lot of […]

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Why agile projects need to fund BML properly

One of the key concepts from Eric Ries’ seminal book, the Lean Startup, is “Build Measure Learn”, or BML. This means that rather than deliver projects in a sequence, organisations should build something small, measure behaviour and learn from those measurements, then loop back and build again (i.e. extend or change the product). While many […]

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What does “project success” mean?

A few years ago, I did a training course in project management. Right near the beginning, they told us about the dreaded Chaos Report. Ever heard about that This was a yearly document produced by the Standish Group (an IT consulting firm) that produced alarming statistics on the vast number of failed projects. We were […]

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Cloud, the shift from buy to rent, and everything as a service

Cloud computing is an often misunderstood concept that fell victim to Gartner’s hype cycle in a pretty spectacular way. But it is a real thing and it is a game changer (it already has changed many games) and it is here to stay. But there are plenty of blogs and books that can tell you […]

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Pricing of technical debt

I talked recently about technical debt and the importance of cleaning it up via regular refactoring. This article will explain the pricing of technical debt and why we should do it. Any information system will probably at some point suffer from large scale or “macro” technical debt. This often happens when a project is implemented […]

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