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Technical debt – or technical bankruptcy?

technical debt bankruptcy

It’s time we admit we have a problem with technical debt. Everyone knows what it is, everyone is talking about, but not enough is being done about it. Time and again I have seen teams and systems end up swamped in technical debt. Swimming and eventually drowning in the stuff. Until entire projects have to […]

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Bimodal IT theory

bimodal it theory agile software development

A few years ago, research organization Gartner came up with this concept called Bimodal IT theory. This basically said that for any large organisations, there are two types of IT systems. These types serve different purposes, are built with different technologies, serve different customers, have different cost and risk profiles, and should be kept separate. And […]

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What is Test Driven Development (TDD)?

test driven development

Test Driven Development or TDD is a technical practice that is often used by people doing Agile software development. It is a different approach to both testing and development. It can be difficult and cumbersome at first, but many people believe that it has big payoffs in the long term. I’ll talk about what those […]

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Agile is technology agnostic

agile technology agnostic

Have you wondered what type of languages or technologies you should use when doing Agile software development? This article will help clear that up. The answer is a lot simpler than you might think! It turns out that in fact, agile is technology agnostic. What language / design approach is best for agile? I’ve seen some […]

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Deploy is not the same as release

software deploy

A lot of people think it’s risky to deploy software. Some of these people lose sleep over deploying software. A lot of people have jobs based around deploying software, and for them others they work with, it is a big deal. It involves a lot of something people call “technical risk management”. That’s just a […]

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The difference between Agile and DevOps

agile devops

DevOps is one of the hot topics at the moment, and is well on its way up the hype cycle curve. Some are even saying it replaces agile, thus spelling the end of agile software development. That isn’t true, though if you’re interested in agile, you should start learning about DevOps. Why? Because although it […]

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Why Continuous Delivery is so important

Scrum is a (pretty) good framework for managing requirements, how they move into and out of backlogs, and how we inspect and adapt the outcome of those requirements. But one of its weaknesses is it has very little to say about engineering practices. One of those engineering practices is Continuous Delivery, or CD. This discipline […]

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Cloud, the shift from buy to rent, and everything as a service

Cloud computing is an often misunderstood concept that fell victim to Gartner’s hype cycle in a pretty spectacular way. But it is a real thing and it is a game changer (it already has changed many games) and it is here to stay. But there are plenty of blogs and books that can tell you […]

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Refactoring and technical debt

Importance of refactoring Refactoring and technical debt are important concepts, especially so in agile software development. What are they? Refactoring is modifying the internal structure of code without changing its behaviour. All functional tests should pass with the same results after the code has been refactored. If it behaves the same, why do we need to do it? […]

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