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The strengths of Scrum

scrum agile strengths

OK so you might think after the last post, that I’m against Scrum and I think it’s worthless. Not true at all. I use it a lot and have a lot of respect for it. There are definitely some strengths of scrum for software development. I just think it’s worth being aware of its weaknesses. To […]

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The problems with Scrum

scrum agile problems

You might be wondering why everyone talks about Scrum so much. Often when I write about Agile on this blog, I’m pretty much talking about Scrum. It is the most widely used and known methodology for Agile software development in the world. Remember, Agile is not a methodology, it is a set of values and principles. […]

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How to do Definition of Done in agile / scrum

The “Definition of Done” is one of the most important concepts in Scrum, yet a lot of people don’t understand it properly. When understood and used properly, the Definition of Done is a powerful guide for consistent delivery of quality. When not understood or used properly, you will likely end up in an inconsistent mess […]

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Two methods of sprint planning in agile / scrum

Sprint planning in agile is one of the essential Scrum ceremonies and is absolutely vital to any team doing Agile software development with Scrum. Successful sprint planning gives a team a clear and realistic goal and a sensible pipeline of work. It also helps teams understand stories and their flow. However, many teams get tripped […]

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How to manage scope creep in Agile / Scrum

OK we’ve all heard of the scope creep bogeyman. He haunts the dreams of young impressionable software developers around the world. He prowls the streets at night, looking for weary project managers to pounce on. We’ve all heard the horror stories of big brave projects, brimming with exciting scope items and starry-eyed business analysts, that got […]

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This is why your agile retrospectives don’t work


Every team doing scrum will  (should really) be doing a retrospective each sprint. This means that the team gets together and discusses what went well, what went not so well, and what could be improved. The idea is that these regular retrospectives become an engine of “Kaizen” or Continuous Improvement for the team. How do […]

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Top 5 things NOT to do in your agile daily standup

How (not) to run an Agile standup I know how to run an agile daily standup, right? Most people probably think standups are straightforward, and that any idiot can run them. This is not at all the case. A lot of people are doing it wrong – don’t be one of them! This article will […]

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What is story point estimation anyway?

If you’ve read the last post I wrote and are scratching your head as to what all this ‘points’ and ‘velocity’ stuff is, this article is a quick primer on what is story point estimation. I’ll explain what it is, how it is usually done, and why we are supposed to do it. I’ll also […]

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Agile metrics – the good, the bad and the ugly

Agile teams often look at and discuss metrics. Some of these metrics are interesting and important, some of them are of questionable value, and some should only be used with caution. This article will attempt to clear this up. The use and misuse of metrics Before going into the various metrics that agile teams use, […]

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Agile Release Planning as a range of probabilities

A lot of people find release planning difficult and confusing in Agile. How can we plan out our releases when we don’t have fixed scope? When will we know something is ready for release? How do we use velocity to help our planning? Are releases tied to iterations? I’m going to try and answer these […]

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